F🤬ck Being Stuck

Reclaim your purpose and clarity when stress

threatens to steal your best

Coaching Women 40plus

lifts the fog of frustration and stagnation, so you thrive unapologetically

What if...

...you need to break free from feeling stretched thin and unfulfilled, yet fear and uncertainty fog your path, hindering you from exploring new opportunities or even discerning your next steps?

...you can't really express how, after years of prioritizing others' needs, you feel disconnected from your own identity and scattered?

... you seem 'put together' on the outside, but inside, there's a void because you're just not happy with your life?

What if instead... you could unlock your full potential with my exclusive coaching program tailored for women 40plus? You don't have to navigate this journey alone.

Say goodbye to self-doubt, lift the fog of uncertainty, and progress with purpose... or more explicitly, F🤬ck Being Stuck! This moment is not just ripe, it's juicy ready foryour empowerment.

What if you can already now... picture yourself stepping into your full potential, embracing a future brimming with possibilities but you're missing the right support, steps, or clarity. That's precisely what my exclusive coaching program offers. Designed to lift the fog of uncertainty and self-doubt, it's an opportunity to reclaim your identity, rediscover your passions, and progress with purpose.

Why continuously wait for the right moment or doubt how to make a change when the time for your empowerment is now? Embrace the transformative journey that awaits you. Sign up today for a complimentary 60-minute session. It's your pivotal first step toward a life that's authentically yours.

Benefit from Reclaiming Your Purpose

Crystal-Clear Vision for Purposeful Growth

Illuminate your path to uncovering your ultimate life goals. Whether you're striving for increased earnings, more free time to indulge in your passions, or daring to confidently achieve both, together we craft a compelling vision for your future.

Elevate Your Skills for Peak Performance

Imagine unlocking a toolbox filled with the skills you need for peak performance. Whether it's refining your inner dialogue to silence your self-critic or mastering the art of confidently articulating your contributions at work or home, together we ensure you have the essential tools to thrive on your journey toward growth and success.

Supportive Surroundings for Unwavering Brilliance

For creating the conditions that champion your goals, we focus on enhancing your physical and social surroundings. Your personalized plan could entail anything from streamlining your workspace for increased productivity to carving out time for meaningful connections in your social life.

Full "F🤬ck Being Stuck" Barrier-Free Progress

With unwavering certainty, obliterate doubts of not being good enough. Cease getting triggered cause your 'buttons to get pushed' so easily. Instead, master the art of transforming weaknesses into your most potent strengths and fearlessly chart the course to your best life.

About Tanya:

My F🤬ck Being Stuck Coaching Works Because I Get You


I'm deeply passionate about helping you unleash your inner power, discover your purpose, and radiate with happiness. I understand the loneliness and confusion that accompanies the void of 'what's next-isms?!?' because I've been there too.

Hi'ya, I'm Tanya. Before becoming a Wellness & Mindset Coach, I hid behind the successes and acclamations of my international career in risk and crisis management. But all the while, stress was wearing me down, and I suffered from multiple burnouts. I fluctuated between being in denial about how bad I felt and being overwhelmed with figuring out how to fix it all. Finally, I said 'F🤬ck Being Stuck!' and celebrated with a joyful dance and a howling song. Now, I prioritize my well-being and self-care and I dedicate myself to supporting women 40plus so you can escape your struggles and instead dance through your best life.

My mission is to assist you before your career, well-being, relationships, and the things that matter most pay a heavy price. With my guidance, motivation, and unwavering support, we'll not only unleash your potential but also channel it into discovering a purpose that fulfills you. Together, we'll clarify what truly makes you happy and create a life you're excited to wake up to every day.

Ready to transform your life? Join me on this empowering journey. Signing up today for your free 60-minute session could be the answer to the all too important question - Who's taking care of you?


Tanya is an extraordinary coach who reminds me not to play small. After talking to her, I feel like 'I got this.' It's like I borrow her confidence until I got my own. Tanya, thank you for lighting the way and making my dreams feel possible.


Tanya is a game-changer for me. When overwhelm took over, she helped me create a clear plan and became a comforting ally. Her approach isn't just about setting goals; it's like having a friend who guides you through life's chaos, providing both practical strategies and support, making the journey feel less like a struggle and more like a shared adventure. If you're looking for a coach who brings both structure and heart to the table, Tanya is the one!


Thank you very much for your honest insight, sharing your wisdom, and helping me in so many ways.


3 Easy Steps From Fog to Clarity


Book your 'F🤬ck Being Stuck & Thrive Now' session. The initial session takes about 60-minutes because it's important to make sure we've got good chemistry for a trusting and supportive coaching relationship.

During the session, we'll dive into your unique challenges and chart the course to your best life.

This free session costs you nothing but holds the potential to be priceless. And, because I'm deeply committed to your empowerment, the session isn't salesy, and you're under no obligation to continue.


After the free session, your journey officially begins, following the roadmap we designed. Of course, there's flexibility for 'pit-stops' when new issues arise because when 'life gets in the way' we continuously equip you.

Practically speaking, each session typically lasts 45 minutes, and we meet three times per month. In between sessions, you'll have a manageable task that progresses your transformation.


Already after your first 'F🤬ck Being Stuck & Thrive Now' session, you could start feeling lighter because you've started to shake off the yuckiness of stuckness. From there, reclaiming your star will help you "shine bright as a diamond" (as the song goes) and go from strength to strength.

Thanks for visiting. If you need me, I'm here.


⭐PS ⭐

If you'd like more information or see who I am as a coach, feel free to visit my social pages or join the F🤬ck Being Stuck facebook group for women 40plus.

Admittedly, my FbS journey includes learning to feel comfortable in front of a camera 😵, despite having trained around 6,000 people in security, risk, and crisis management. And, I had successfully established a media presence for my previous company, including multiple newspaper, magazine and TV interviews, authored two books, wrote many articles and been a conference speaker loads of times including as key-note speaker - And, yet a little phone camera is out of my comfort zone!

Well, I can safely say that the first steps of any F🤬ck Being Stuck journey don't have to be perfect, but, if you are like me, they have to be taken - Life is too short not to wake up feeling invigorated and happy, living your best life! And, sharing my FbS coaching is how I get to live my purpose and passion.

⭐PSS ⭐

As I reread this, I realized there's a quick coaching tip here that can boost your confidence.

>> Did you notice I explained without apologizing? Contrast that with many women who say things like:

- "I'm sorry, but..."

- "I might be wrong, but..."

- "I could be mistaken, but..."

- "This might sound silly, but..."

- "I don't want to be a bother, but..."

It's disheartening that women often downplay opinions or requests and are trained to diminish ourselves, under the guise of politeness. There's a difference between necessary apologies and assuming our presence is a bother, our requests are inconvenient, our opinions are wrong, or our needs aren't important. This thinking scratches away at our self-worth, weakening it.

>> Does this resonate? Instead you can opt to project more confidence:

- Notice when you apologize, especially which situations.

- Find your own way to confidently state what you mean, like switching "This might be a silly idea, but..." for "I suggest..." or replacing "I might be wrong, but..." with "My proposal is...".

- Celebrate small victories: Give yourself a High 5, do a 'wiggle your jiggle' happy dance, or find your own way to express joy for making a change.

- Be kind and compassionate with yourself - this is probably old💩 so it takes time and conscience effort to craft and solidify new habits.

>> Can you imagine the boost from valuing yourself without unnecessary disclaimers will give you?

- When your colleague takes credit at a team meeting for your idea, confidently reclaim it.

- Enjoy getting off your feet tonight because you let your spouse know you need extra time to decompress instead of doing the dishes.

Let me know if you try these tips. And, if you want more F🤬ck Being Stuck coaching, it's as easy as booking a free session😉

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